Education is a cornerstone of society and at EduPlus, we recognise the importance of developing and improving the educational experience. We aim to inspire a passion for teaching that cultivates a curiosity and motivation for learning that goes beyond facts and figures, driving into a deeper understanding of the relationships between contents and context. We believe in moulding independent thinkers, and seek to support teachers and students in their pursuit of continual growth. Our team respects and values the impact education can have on individuals and society and are committed to bringing this into all aspects of our work.


Einstein once noted that “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” His observation on diversity illustrates the necessity in recognising individuality in Education and embracing the challenge of tailoring it to different needs and aspirations. We believe in striving towards a personalized educational learning model – one that will empower students to reach their respective potentials and then exceed it.


The EduPlus way is defined by the collaborative efforts and dedication of our like-minded educational partners and committed teams. Our community upholds a high quality of work through actively engaging in an open line of communication, and supporting and ensuring our projects are perpetually adding value to students, teachers, and schools. It is through this co-operation that we are able to recognize our respective goals; assist and provide feedback to the progresses of our teams; and ultimately strive towards a common objective– delivering a more enriching and inspiring experience for all.